Elementary Special Education Emotional Impairment Essay

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My educational experiences have influenced my decision to become an elementary special education emotional impairment (EI) teacher. Excellent teachers in my past affected my learning for the better. I became increasingly involved and interested in learning due to these teachers caring and encouraging me. I aspire to motivate students the same way these teachers motivated me by being attentive and dedicated. I want to teach students in a similar way to improve their perception of school and academics.
When understanding the relationship between my identity as a teacher and the school-democracy link, I need to keep in mind the relationship between schools and society. In fact, society affects how students are taught and what is taught in schools. With this in mind, I will need to take into account the inequities my students are experiencing outside of school. If there are students who lack access to resources and opportunities due to low-incomes, I will have to reevaluate how I teach as to include each child. It is important to notice these situations and make connections between the problems at hand to the information the students are learning. Connecting curriculum to everyday issues will encourage discussions about ways to improve or change situations and for students to become conscious observant individuals. (Gorski, 2013)
Active participation and engagement of all citizens results in strong democracy. It requires conversations about common issues and thoughtful ideas…

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