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An Atlas of Surgical Anatomy

An Atlas of

Surgical Anatomy

Surgical commentary by Alain C Masquelet, MD

Illustrations by Léon Dorn

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vii viii ix

3 Gynaecological surgery
The lower approach of the prolapse and the separation of the vagina and the bladder 60 Treatment of genital prolapse after hysterectomy 65 Surgical treatment of elytrocele 70

Léon Dorn: A biographical note Léon Dorn: Notes on method

1 Reconstructive surgery
The tree of flaps for the upper limb 2 Flap from the lateral head of gastrocnemius 3 Soleus muscle flaps 5 Sural skin flap 8 Vascularised osteoperiosteal flap from the femur 10 Vascularised fibula transfer 11 Lateral brachial flap 14 Forearm radial flap 16 Posterior interosseous flap 18 Pronator quadratus muscle flap 20

4 Urological surgery
Allotransplantation of the kidney 74 Surgery of renal lithiasis 79 Extrophy of the bladder in a young boy 81 Hypospadias surgery 86 Prosthesis for erectile function of penis 90 Amputation of the penis for sexual ambiguity: feminisation 97

5 Abdominal surgery
Reconstruction of a urinary bladder Gastrectomy 110 The liver 115 106

2 Hand and peripheral nerve

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