Electronic Waste Or E Waste Essay

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Electronic waste or e-waste is a term for electronic products that have become unwanted, obsolete, or essentially reached the end of their useful life. However, since 2005, e-waste has become one of the most growing problem and concern around the world. The idea of producing short lifespan devices such as computers, cellphones, and Mp3 is the major cause of what lead to that problem. As Giles Slade stated, the main reason the world is overloaded with numerous electronic waste, it is because substantial companies or manufactures designed their products with their own advantages not on the advantages of their consumers. For instance, if a manufacture designed a product which will last ten years, the product will be less profitable because consumers will not be willing to throw away the product for any stupid reasons. However, if that manufacture designed a product which will last one to three years, it will be more profitable because plenty of consumers would consider of getting the latest version (Slade). A writer, one of his famous book (made to breaks) won the Gold medal for best environmental book-Giles Slade. In the meantime, another cause which lead e-waste to be the world worst enemy is the fact that numbers of countries do not recycle enough. For example, China and United States are the world most powerful producers of electronics waste because most of the electronics product such as computers and cell phones they shipped out are never recycled. In the past years…

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