Electronic Health Records Essay

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Electronic health records is the process of replacing traditional paper medical records according to Shi & Singh (2013, p. 109). Electronic health records have the potential to save time, eliminate errors and duplications, as well as improve the quality of health care delivery. However with all these different possibilities come limitations such as accuracy and potential financial cost that immerge as concerns. HITECH Act, The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical health Act of 2009 was established to promote the adoption and meaningful use of health information technology, and also strengthening HIPAA rules according to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services. Since this time there has been much research
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Sergei Koulayev and Emilia Simeonova research suggest that health technology can decrease racial and socio economic difference in health care, providing an example of improving quality and access. Michelle Martelle, MPH, Benjamin Farber, MHA, Richard Stazesky, MPA, Nathaniel Dickey, MA, MPH, Amanda Parsons, MD, MBA, and Homer Venters, MD, MS describe the improved ability to provide coordinated quality care to difficult patients using information technology and meaningful use of electronic health records. Yet another example of meaningful use of electronic health records for improvement of health outcomes through the research of Caryn Roth, Randi E Foraker, Philip RO Payne and Peter J Embi which demonstrated how community data can be maximized by electronic health records to further study its impact within a community. Very similar Diane T Smelser, Gerard Tromp, James R Elmore, Helena Kuivaniemi1, David P Franklin, H Lester Kirchner and David J Carey study utilizes electronic health records for a risk factor assessment. In addition Karishma Khullar, Sarah Peitzmeier, Rachel Koffman, Jennifer Potter study of effectiveness of electronic health records use for accurately documenting cervical cancer screening in a community health care improving …show more content…
When assessing these case studies they all have links that connect electronic health records to the quality of care provided. It is difficult to compare case studies among each other since they all use different research methods to answer potential health care issues. Different methods, sample size, population settings and variables where used among the case studies. None of the case study can definitively concur that electronic health records improve quality, just provide evidence that its potential can be extremely useful. Health information technology is used wide spread but it is not so clearly defined what is helpful information and the best way to use this abundant information. The study conducted by Karishma Khullar, Sarah Peitzmeier, Rachel Koffman, and Jennifer Potter is a good example of barriers of full electronic health record utilization. This case study was used to evaluate the effectiveness of electronic health records, and method of comparison between an electronic query and a manual review used to evaluate the cervical cancer screening status of average women at risk. Even though result show some discrepancy in the manual and electronic query it shows the impact EHR can have. This study shows how important it is to update electronic information accurately and at a timely manner in order for them to serve their full

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