Elections Signs And Posters Are Everywhere Essay

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Election signs and posters are everywhere: on the internet as memes, around the campus, and even on the sidewalks as chalk hashtags of “Feel the Bern” and “Make America great again.” Conversations, especially in the political science building, revolve around voting and elections. The 2016 presidential elections are slowly taking over student’s conversations, lives and minds and they think they can influence the turn of events.

“Florida is a swing state, so every vote really does count,” said Nikki Mariutto, president of College Democrats. In the past, it is shown to be a real struggle sometimes to get young students out, but when they go out and vote it makes a difference.”

The youth vote only makes up 21 percent of the general voter population, however, in the 2016 election cycle, the youth vote is becoming mobilized, according to Mariutto.

Does the youth vote really have the power to help or hinder an election? In the 2012 election year, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida all would have been swayed to a Republican win if the youth vote did not count, according to the 2012 National exit poll. Not only are students involved in voting, but there are 23 political clubs on the UCF campus and students are becoming more invested in general; the College Republicans have seen a spike with 182 active members in the past semester.

“We are realizing that this political cycle will really affect us, we are going into the real world and we are seeing that this election is…

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