Election Day : The President Of The United States Essay

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Election Day: the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Every four years, Americans may develop some fear for who the next President of the United States may be. Politicians tend to lie about what they plan to do just, so they can attract voters and become elected. Hopefully some Americans have faith in the President for accomplishing their goals. For instance, George W. Bush and President Barack Obama in both their first term elections, claim that they would improve America with specific plans. Since Obama was elected after the two terms of Bush, one may compare their approaches for America. Some issues that both Bush and President Obama created plans for were improving education, decreasing taxes, and improving foreign policies.
One issue that may be discussed in the Presidential debates is education. George W. Bush and Barack Obama both had specific plans in their first term to help improve the education system in the United States. In various debates, George W. Bush’s plan to improve education was “getting rid of national testing and allowing local control of schools.” (Commission 1) Bush wanted children to receive a better education. His plan was to “reward successful schools and demand failing schools improve.” (4President 1) He would withdraw federal funds from schools that would fail to improve after a few years and then give money to parents to improve their child’s education. The one main point for Bush’s plan for education was creating a “No Child Left…

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