Elderly Care in HK Essay

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A 5-year Marketing Plan for Senior Citizen Home Safety Association


Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (SCHSA/the association) was founded in 1996, reacting to the tragedy that more than a hundred singleton elders were found dead under the sudden attack of a cold spell at the same year. It was the first charitable institution offering emergency link service to the elderly in Hong Kong. Making use of innovative technology and personalized service, the association aims to create a quality living environment for the seniors by the operating as a self-financed social enterprise.

Situation Analysis
Industry Trend :
The elderly-care-service industry is on a
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Besides, the association can extend its service bound outside Hong Kong to the near regions, naming Macau, Shenzhen, Dongguan, etc. As a result, more seniors who live outside Hong Kong can then be cared. They will be the future customers. Lastly, seniors living with close relatives may also need the help from the association. Some seniors may still lack enough family’s care and attention even they live with their family, because of the family’s busy work in the daytime5. These seniors should also be the next focus of the association.

Growth Strategy

To be precise, the association should enhance the marketing effort to promote the uniqueness of the nature of the association and service provided to the public, so as to strive for more social resources on the association. The more service varieties and better quality induced by the pouring of the new fund would, ultimately, benefit the elderly in need in the community. Thus, the growth strategy should be :

Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses

Competitive Strengths :
The association have a strong advantage in its products’ name, with the legal trademark right holding. The association holds three trademarks to which citizens in Hong Kong are all familiar. In addition to its possession of trademarks, the association provides unique services that include the authorized right from the Hospital Authority of transferring electronic patient records to the Accident and

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