Einstein 's Letter : The Greatest Calamity Of The Modern World

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Einstein’s Letter:
On July 16, 1935 internationally acclaimed scientist Albert Einstein wrote the letter whose unforeseen actions would cause the greatest calamity of the modern world. With one simple signature the ignorant Einstein condemned the lives of around 200,000 Japanese via the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. While the main impulse for this tragedy occurred on the day of the writing of the letter, many events took place before the time in order to force Einstein’s hand. It all started with the rise of anti-Semitism in pre-World War 1 Germany. This story follows a lesser known scientist Leo Szilard who was born in Hungary but worked in berlin. Even though Germany was widely acclaimed for their scientific advancement, the rise of anti-Semitism drove many Jewish scientist such as Szilard to relocate to different countries. After performing nuclear fission in his lab in Colombia University, he realized the dangers of such a force and immediately set off on a journey to protect the world from the possibility of Nazi made atomic bombs. Szilard then journeyed to Einstein’s cottage in the Peconic Bay of Long Island New York where he warned Einstein of the dangers of atomic weaponry. At this moment Einstein realized the implications of such technology and wrote a letter to the Ambassador of Belgium to warn them of exporting uranium into Nazi Germany. Significance:
By sending that letter, Einstein set for a chain reaction of events ultimately…

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