Eight Men Out Gambling Analysis

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The film Eight Men Out illustrates the negative effects that gambling has on sports by reminiscing the actions of the unfavorable 1919 Chicago White Sox team. The 1919 Chicago White Sox’s will forever be known, however, not particularly for their skills on the field, but for their actions during the 1919 World Series. This team was substantially successful throughout many years and was known as one of the greatest team to play this great game. Thus, winning the American League pennant in 1917 and 1919 and having numerous all-stars on the team. The White Sox were heavily favored in the 1919 World Series over their opponent the Cincinnati Reds, however due to players engagement in gambling they purposely lost the series to receive extra money, …show more content…
A Game is where two or more individuals compete to win determined by their set of skills or talents. On the other hand, gambling is where one favors a distinct result in order to gain more money. Therefore, if players continue to use actions similar to the Black Sox then the meaning of a baseball game would be irrelevant. The game should always be played with ones best effort in order to beat the opponent. Thus, purposely fixing games ruins the game and is rather seen as a standard performance or play. Likewise, some suggest that only a handful of the players “actually” fixed the series and the others never actually performed down or even took any extra money. As seen in the film, Joe Jackson and Buck Weaver are two of these characters that many believe were victimized. Although, it would seem true, in virtue of Joe Jackson never once having a bad game and Buck Weaver hating to lose more than anyone on the team. However, they both knew about the fix which means they were a part of the scandal and banned from baseball. Although they were loyal players, they each knew about the fix and did not take action in order to stop it. Throughout the film each expressed how much they loved the game and was never a part of the scandal, thus if they loved the game so much then they should’ve took action earlier by respecting the game and saving its

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