1919 White Sox Research Paper

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The White Sox of 1919 are considered to be one of the only teams to successfully fix the World Series because they had a set plan to do it. The 1919 white sox were able to fix the world series because they only let a select few know about the plan, they had other people put the bets for the players so they wouldn’t be seen, and they had people put bets on against them so they could make the most amount of profit as possible.
The reason why players from the team decided to go along with fixing the game was because of their commissioner Charles Comiskey, he never paid the players on the team what they truly deserved. He was so cheap to his team he wouldn’t pay for their uniforms to be cleaned which is where the name “The Black Sox” comes from. The players in the scam knew they would be getting a big payout because they were the best team in the league and everybody knew it, and the odds were extremely on their side to win so by betting against themselves and having them lose would mean they would get a lot more money than they would ever see coming from Comiskey’s cheap pockets.
The reason
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Final score of that game was 4 to 2. The White Sox catcher was starting to get curious on why the pitcher wasn’t listening to him with signs on what pitch to throw so he went and complained to Gleason after the came: "The sonofabitch! Williams kept crossing me. In that lousy fourth inning, he crossed me three times! He wouldn't throw a curve." After the game, Sleepy Burns left $10,000 (of the $20,000 that they were promised) in Gandil’s room. The players were mad for only getting part of what they asked for so they started asking questions like if they were still going to get payed so they sat there wondering and thinking if they should still throw the series so they lose. They decided they didn’t want to throw that game so they ended up winning 3 to

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