Effects of Banking on Alternative Construction Essay

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Banking regulations limit lending for specific modes of affordable and green housing.
A. Trent Richens (000331538)
English Composition I (TBP1)
Task 3 – Cause and Effect Essay 11/2/13
Western Governors University

Banking regulations limit lending for specific modes of affordable and green housing.
Banking regulations limit lending to specific types of housing, these regulations limit the ability to construct affordable and, greener types of construction, causing negative effects on the free market.
An acceptable level of comfort in for life requires a small number of necessities: housing, sanitary facilities, education, employment, and food and water. Without these, life becomes miserable in a very short amount of time. For a
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That value is driven by perception and comparison to existing structures and recent sales. Unfortunately desirability of location proves more a factor in perceived value than actual material cost and time for construction. Government and Financial regulations limit the ability to construct, more affordable housing because it doesn’t compare to the more sure financial investments of the standard construction and appearance. If they can’t compare it they can’t fund it, and the more affordable techniques being discussed are still unique. The uniqueness of them puts the advantageous construction method at a disadvantage because no banks will fund them.
The lack of affordable housing adds strain to other aspects of human and economic development. When the primary amount of funds generated by the household income has to go to housing, this leaves less money to put toward quality food, education, healthcare, and so many more of the things that help children and adults progress. Without quality food children don’t develop properly, their mental function is limited, and their health declines. They then lack the energy for physical activities. The decline of exercise leads to poor health, excess medical bills, school absenteeism, and reduction of labor force for parents who have to tend these sick kids. This drops efficiency for employers and adds to other economical and communal problem, causing those

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