Effects Of Video Games On Society Essay

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In today’s society women are used as sexual being and people use it as a selling technique. Cultivation theory is now a big part of today’s society, not only because of television but also because of social media, video game and everything in-between. As this paper will try and show that video games may have some affect on how the women.
As society progresses the video game should as well, so society, men and women alike should see the women population as a human being not something to be won. It seems all a bit archaic. Cultivation theory is a theory that a cumulative process that is caused by television and other media creates beliefs about society. There are many affects that this theory can have on people, ranging from violence to thinking that someone’s problems are your own. It creates a false perception of reality and it is created by television and multiple other forms of media. Just like many other theories there are things that do not work within the theory. There are inconstancies with in this particular theory and not being able see or observe the changes in the behaviour easily. Another hole in this theory is that there is not a lot of strong evidence to support this theory, and this could be because that this behaviour that may have been altered my television is not easily observed.

Cultivation theory main point was that television and mass media can affect one’s perception of the world and the people in it. Video games are one source of what…

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