Essay Effects Of Using The Left Side Of The Brain

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Phycological Effects of Using the Left Side of the Brain

It’s no doubt that the stressed placed upon human’s and especially teenagers has skyrocketed over the years. A typical U of D student is encouraged to participate in after school events and develop relationships with his fellow brothers outside of school. In addition to having a life outside of the class, students are expected to maintain good grades in the classroom. Most of this academic pressure is placed on students from teachers, college counselors, and especially parents. There has to be an easy and fun way to reduce stress in the lives of these vulnerable teens. From therapy to sports, self pleasure to drugs, and even bathing salts, there are many techniques that students have adapted in order to reduce stress. One that is considered to be very effective is art. The use of art has numerous mental health benefits and increases a person’s will to live and overall quality of life. Art’s usage and implementation provides a preponderance of mental health benefits and in some cases, can be used to help treat certain mental diseases. Art can both treat a mental disease, and help the brain continue to stay strong and not contract such diseases. One disease that has been treated with art is schizophrenia. Schizophrenia attacks a patient’s mind and causes it to experience “hallucinations, delusions, and [all around] loss of energy and motivation” (Collingwood). The patient is essentially trapped inside of…

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