Essay on Effects Of Trauma On Our Education System

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Conclusions Based on data collected, it is clear that there is an issue with trauma in our education system today. The data shows that students have experienced some trauma in their lives. Teachers see the need for more training and education about the effects of trauma. Administrators recognize that children are affected by these events in the lives of students. There are several conclusions that can be drawn from the data gathered from the surveys and interviews.
Student Implications As literature shows, children in poverty have a higher likelihood of experiencing trauma. The data collected also illustrates a high percentage of the students surveyed have experienced trauma during their childhood. Only seventeen percent of students had not had an adverse childhood experience in their lives. This is found to be an issue in our education system and students are struggling in the classroom due to developmental issues effected by trauma.
Educator Implications Teachers are aware that this is something that is effecting their practice, however, few of them are being educated on the matter. Teachers do believe that training and education is necessary for improved success for students who have been affected by trauma. Educators are bombarded with a multitude of issues in their classroom, and there is potential for them to see this as just another problem for which they are supposed to be responsible. These professionals know how important their jobs are for…

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