Effects Of The Women 's Right Movement Essay

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Effect of the Women’s Right Movement "Men their rights, and nothing more; women their rights, and nothing less." (Anthony, 1868). After the Civil War that was an uncompromising differences between the freedom, race, and slave over the power of the government to forbid slavery in the territories that had not yet become states, there are many movements had stated. For example, fighting about the passage of the Fourteenth, Fifteenth, and nineteenth amendments to the U.S. Constitution, struggles to secure civic protection of the rights, American civil rights movement, African-American civil rights movement, and women’s right movement. Susan B. Anthony began focus more on women 's rights. She helped establish the American Equal Rights Association in 1866 with Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Anthony, calling for the same rights to be decided to all regardless of race or sex because in the past, women had never gotten right. (“Susan B. Anthony,” n.d., para. 11). For instance, women were not allowed to vote, married women had no property right, women had to pay property taxes although they had no representation in the levying of these taxes, most occupations were closed to women and when women did work they were paid only a fraction of what men earned, women were not allowed to enter professions such as medicine or law, women were robbed of their self-confidence and self-respect, and were made totally dependent on men. These leaded to requisitioning for women’s right. In the US history,…

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