Influence Of Angelina Grimke And Lucy Stone

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Marina Gonzalez
Mrs. Roose
AP English Literature and Composition
1 November 2017
The Influence of Angelina Grimke and Lucy Stone Throughout the world, change is constantly happening. Often, it usually takes the voices of many before things can progress onwards. In 19th century America, the still-new country was battling through many issues of its own. A few of these, specifically the Abolitionist and Women’s Rights movements, were a result of the contradiction of the promised rights secured in the Constitution, where “all men are created equal.” While the movement is usually accredited to those more known such as Susan B. Anthony, the lesser known individuals were important since the voices and power of many were contributing forces in helping the movement gain momentum and progress towards change. Two of these individuals are representative of the courage that many who were involved needed to face the challenges in addressing their movement and stepping away from the social expectations of their time. In the midst of a society where a differing opinion was risky and discouraged, Lucy Stone and Angelina Grimke persevered and helped in establishing the foundation for equal rights that we still strive towards today. During her childhood, Grimke was witness to several experiences that would influence her views
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Similar to Grimke, Stone was invited to work for the American Anti-Slavery Society after writing An Appeal to the Christian Women of the South, which they published, becoming “one of the most influential documents of the abolitionist movement” (“The Anti-Slavery and Woman Rights Movements"). Stone’s ideas helped build strength for the movement. Both of the efforts of Grimke and Stone were important in contributing towards their

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