Middle Class Healthcare

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“The government in point of fact lied to us, and again failed the working men and women of this country. As in any conflict, truth is one of the casualties in this war on our middle class.” In the United States the middle class has the most members out of any other class. The men and woman in this class are among the most hard working people in our country. However they are always at risk of losing their job(s) for a number of reasons maybe because the factory they work at is closing down or because the store they work at is cutting workers. Many of these workers do not have proper health care some don 't have any at all. The middle class is constantly pushed to make ends meet, support and take care of their family, or just be able to keep …show more content…
On page 173 it says that “The United States is one of the only industrialized nations that doesn 't provide health care to all its citizens.” This shows a lot about our country and where their priorities lie. Seeing as how the wealthy can afford their own health care the only people being affected by the nations actions are the middle and lower classes. Many bankruptcies filed by the middle class in the United States are because of health care costs. Even if a middle class citizen did want to apply for a form of healthcare such as Medicare many are hesitant about it. The reason for this being is the enrollment process is to difficult for the middle class citizens to understand. “You shouldn 't need a post college education to figure out how to enroll in Medicare.” It is so difficult to even apply for the healthcare many citizens just op out of getting it all together. Some state legislatures are however fighting back, in Maryland they require any company with ten thousand or more workers to put at least 8 percent of its payroll to health insurance coverage or Medicaid fund, this is stated on page
180 of War On The Middle Class. However corporate America gets around this healthcare issue by hiring illegal immigrants who can 't and won 't demand healthcare. This again just goes to show that the well-being and stability of our middle class is not a priority for the big businesses and our

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