Jim Crow Laws In America

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Economic advancement what each country must reach in order to become a superpower.To withold an advantage amongst all other competeing powers can tip the scale one way or the other. In the case of The United States it was railroads in which thrusted the nation in an economic uproar , for it was in 1865 when Railroads began to take its effect on the United States economy. With the passage of The Pacific Railroad Act of 1862, launched the construction of railroads which stretched from east to west or Omaha, Nebraska to Sacramento, California, however the money to finance the construction came from a federal grant approved congress asked by Senator Stephen Douglas which thus allowed for connection of Chicago to

Mississippi or north and south.
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A Violent “ negrophobia” swept across the south and much of the nation causing for the great resentment of the negro population. There was the the issue with how educating a negro would only cause a riot. how these “new” african american children were more assertive and less patient than their parents, however the white population was just as impatient and assertive.Thus the “ white government created the “Jim Crow Laws” which mandated the separation of the races for “ safety purposes” which in reality was only set by the white elites to prevent the black plague to limit political, economic, and social progression. Due to the Fifteenth amendment the government could just deny the African American population the right to vote and other political privileges. So the Mississippi Plan was created, in the plan it created numerous requirements in which an individual must meet in order to vote. Requirement s such as a residency, can not have been accused of any crime including petty crimes, and a poll tax had to be paid by the first of February. A case which was used to solidify the Laws was Plessy V.S Ferguson. Which basically assured any person with african roots were to abide by said laws. As for the Advancement for equality two main representatives for progression of the black citizen were Booker T. Washington. and W.E.B Du Bois. Washington suggested an approach of …show more content…
However Wilson wanted to keep the treaty and some legislatures opposed the acceptance. Example of one who opposed the paris treaty was Senator Henry Cabot Lodge his overall claim was “Mankind suddenly virtuous by a statute or written constitution, “ basically saying that people were not ready to accept coherency with good heart no matter if its instituted by a written document. for it was wilson who assured the nation that joining the League of

Nations would prevent war simply because a majority of the world was a part of such league. However it is people such as Lodge who opposed the league saying they would have rather remained with the theory of isolationism. seeing as to how it was working for them until this point in time. Lodge’s close friend Theodore Roosevelt simply stated that noting that he distrusted “a man who cares for other nations as much as his own”. Again it was Woodrow Wilson who wanted the treaty to remain however there was numerous attempts in order to reconstruct the treaty but he did not want to reopen the negotiations with germany and the allies. He also opposed any idea in which would weaken Article Ten of the League of Nations.Senators only tried so hard to change the Treaty simply to limit the U.S involvement in the league due to their “reservationist” views. It was possible for him to accept and side with the senators however he saw it fit to move

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