Effects Of The Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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The Treaty of Versailles is by far one of the largest influences to the start of World War 2. The treaty is responsible for putting Germany in an undesirable position both politically and economically. The affects the treaty had was detrimental to Germany and did nothing but debilitate it. The Treaty of Versailles gave away Germany 's land, hurting its economy. The treaty also restricted Germany 's military, making it vulnerable to others. The treaty had also failed to address the already present financial crisis because of the previous war. That being said, there was no room for Germany to financially recover from World War 1. The main reason for the start of world war 2 was because of hitler. In basic terms hitler blamed Jews for all the problems in Germany, problems which were not present before the treaty of Versailles was signed. One can clearly see that effects of the treaty of Versailles led to the start of World War 2. To begin, it is necessary to mention that the treaty of Versailles resulted in Germany losing its land to surrounding states. The land that Germany lost was also responsible for a massive decrease in its economy. To start off, present day Saar Protectorate was given to France as a result of the signing of the treaty of Versailles. The reason behind giving Saar away was to repay France for what it had lost because of World War 1, such as life and money. Germany 's loss of Saar was detrimental, as it meant that it lost 16% of its…

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