Effects Of The Jim Crow Laws Essay

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Effects of the Jim Crow laws
The origin of the Jim Crow laws came from a play when whites would paint their faces black and make very racist remarks about the blacks behaviour and culture. Eventually this led to the laws getting passed by the government and the segregation began. These laws led to many conflicts throughout the American history. Many laws were created as a way to make the black people inferior to the whites. Jim Crow laws led political, economical and social oppression.
Once the United States adopted the Jim Crow laws, it sparked social effects to the black’s lives. The white people attempted to completely separate the whites from the blacks, they wanted to make the blacks inferior to them. One of the first alterations, were the separation of the children. The white children and black children had to go to separate schools because it was made a law in 1870. Many of the black children received poor education because “Schools for white children received more public money”. (1) The people of higher authority didn’t want the black children to get a better education than the white children, many of the black children were pulled out of school due to the fact that their families worked on farms and needed the children to help out. If that wasn’t the case, then the white people had the power to pull the children out of school because they could believe that they were needed to help out on the farm or even if they believed that they didn’t deserve an education. This…

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