Effects Of The Guatemalan Genocide Of A Minority Group Essays

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I will be writing about the effects of the Guatemalan genocide of a minority group called the Mayans that resulted in the death and displacement of thousands, and how mining companies took advantage of this violence. I will also analyze civil wars in general and how even without war there is no peace in Guatemala. The extracurricular activity I attended for this report on peace studies was Dr. Catherine Nolin’s public lecture called “Transnational Ruptures in a Time of Impunity: Genocide, Mining and Migration”. Dr. Nolin is an associate professor at the university of Northern British Columbia. Her focus was placed upon the past and present violence in Guatemala. More specifically, the genocide of the 1980s, the migration that followed, and the role of Canadian mining companies in present mining operations within Guatemala. Dr. Nolin visited indigenous communities in Guatemala, where she listened to the people’s stories related to crimes that Canadian mining companies had committed. These crimes included rape and murder, so the professor went back to Guatemala with a lawyer who was able to start legal claims in Canada against the mining companies. My report begins with the Guatemalan genocide, which led to further violence in the country in the future. During the 1980s the government of Guatemala decided to carry out systematic killings of Mayan Indians who they believed were working towards a communist-controlled state. The government thought it was doing what was best…

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