Effects Of The Great Depression On The Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Industrial Revolution took place in the United States and Britain in 1780 to 1850. Child labor was one of the most significant social consequences that affected the Industrial Revolution. Most factories were in need of cheap labor, and the hiring children with no experience was their best option. Most of the machines didn’t require training so the children picked up on learning how to use the equipment very easily. Another benefit of hiring children is that they did not join unions or go on strike. Labor was in high demand and most of the families would leave their farms to go work in the factories. The working conditions were not safe for children and caused sickness and even death. The children would also work long hours with very little pay. They were often subjected to mental and physical child abuse. The Great Depression had a lot to do with the eradication of child labor. The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 put a limitation on child labor, and any children under sixteen were not allowed to work in factories. Another social consequence was urbanization. The need for more factory workers led to many migrating to the cities and leaving the farming life behind. The growth of the population caused many problems in the cities. It separated the social classes in which industrialists and entrepreneurs became very wealthy and lived a lavish life. They lived in cleaner neighborhood with less crime. The working classes were left to live in poor living conditions. The…

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