Effects Of The Global Warming On Crops Essay

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While examining the impacts on crops, we will look at the effects of such phenomenon as extreme temperature (which may be hot or cold), increased CO2 concentration and the adverse effects of elevated exposure to ultraviolet rays on processes such as transpiration, photosynthesis and pollination to fully evaluate the effects of the global warming phenomenon.
CO2 increase is generally very constructive in the growth of crops. It stimulates their growth and yield by enabling the photosynthesis process. Crops such as wheat, carrot, and cauliflower, thrive well in conditions of elevated CO2 levels in the atmosphere. They have wider leaves and produce much better under such conditions. High temperatures, on the other hand, can also have an effective result on crop production in regions whose cold environment limited their agricultural prospects (Squires, 2011).This phenomenon explains the viability of citrus production in regions north of their current range in Florida to other areas of the Southeast. Their vibrant growth in previously warmer regions would reduce due to heat stresses that may increase incidents of crop diseases.
Increased temperatures also affect life support for insects and birds which are very important agents of cross-pollination. When birds and insects migrate due to harsh climatic conditions in a niche, it limits the variety of species in crop production and overly limits production of crops as a result of less pollination. Increased rainfall could also…

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