Effects Of Technology On Teenagers

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Today 's technology has changed tremendously. Teenagers rely on their phones every day, all day. They do not want to be put in awkward situations, they do not want to be sociable. Twenty years ago, teenagers did not have phones. They were more independent and sociable with others. They could not just text their parents if they had forgotten something at home or text them every day just because. They had to wait until they got off the bus or got home. If someone saw them texting or emailing their mom every day, they would think something weird was going on and that they were crazy. Teenagers today rely too much on their phone and on their parent’s opinion. Professor Sherry Turkle at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the director …show more content…
They are always necessary. Teenagers always want someone to talk to. Anyone on your contact list can be made to talk to on demand. If they do not reply, you can keep trying other people until someone answers. You are always in touch with someone. Many teenagers have a fear of isolation and abandonment. Turkle says “In my study of growing up in the networked culture, I meet many childern and teeneragers who feel cast off.” There are many busy parents, sometimes even on their own phones not paying attention to their kids. Some kids come home to an empty house until the parent returns from work. For most people when they come home to an empty house, they have computers, phones, and many types of technology to keep them company. (435) Twenty years ago, as a practicing clinical psychologist, if I had met a college junior who called her mother fifteen times a day, checking in about what shoes to buy and what dress to wear, extolling a new kind of decaffeinated tea, and complaining about the difficulty of a physics problem set, I would have thought her behavior problematic. …show more content…
People hide from reality and communications with others. They do not want to be sociable and friendly. They go on their phone and create a life on a game and gaming friends. They get excited to go on their phones are play with their friends online that are thousands of miles away. “The Sims Online you can create an avatar that expresses aspects of yourself, build a house, and furnish it to your taste.” (436) They play it all day and they don’t think it makes them do anything differently in their life. They feel power on the website and in control. Just like Facebook you make a character, and it could be the real you or it does not have to be. You put personal things on your facebook; your age, your name, your relationship, and many other

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