Effects Of Street Children

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Imagine a life without parents, a home, basic necessities, or any type of stability. This is the tragic reality for millions around the world and predominately those in Latin American countries. Predominately, this is the fate of street children. Street children are defined as, homeless children who live on the street forced to fend for themselves. While in America, there are many governmentally funded organizations to help children in need, Latin American countries fall short due to a corrupt government. It is essential that street children in Latin American countries receive protection and support from their corrupt government through funded programs. These programs will improve the child’s health, safety, and provide role models so that …show more content…
Most children are malnourished and struggle to eat at all. With little to no money, children will go days with nothing to eat. With the pain of empty bellies, drug abuse is common. The World Bank reports, “Local sources ' estimates that 90 percent of street children in Central America sniff glue.”(Collymore.) This is the easiest substance for children to get a hold of as well as the cheapest. Children are also trying to escape the pain of sickness and infection. Their bodies are slow to fight disease and infections because they are extremely malnourished. This affects all of street children and is often fatal. UNICEF data indicates, “In Latin America and the Caribbean as a whole, 500,000 children under 5 years old die annually of preventable diseases, and almost 4 million children younger than 5 are malnourished.” (Collymore). Malnourishment, cleanliness, and lack of medication could all be solved with the help of the government. Hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved if only the government would provide health care to street children. Mr. Harris clarifies, “There has been zero reaction from the Guatemalan government. They obviously do not care. The [Ricardo] Maduro administration [in Honduras] has been much more engaged than previous administrations and I feel that a couple of ministers are truly concerned and trying to do something but the situation is out of control.” (Campbell). This corrupt government is much too involved in drug cartels and embezzling money to worry about the lives of street children. With no family and no support from their government, these children have to fight for their own survival in whatever way

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