Essay on Effects Of Social Media On Writing Skills

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Effects of social media on writing skills
Social media refers to various internet-based platforms that promote communication between different individuals in the society. Social media platforms allow the transfer of digital content such as texts, audio, photos and general information. It provides individuals with the opportunity to communicate effectively using their electronic devices such as mobile phones and personal computers. Some of the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have established online-based communities that allow people to share large amount of information about different topics in the society. Social media has both positive and negative effects on the writing skills of students in different levels of education. Therefore, the use of social media can affect students’ writing skills either positively or negatively based on their level of education. Social media also exposes individuals to information, which is vital in enhancing the quality of their writing, or affect the ability of learners and other writers to express their views in the appropriate language (Martin, 2016). This research paper will examine the positive effects of social media on the writing skills of students. The use of social media can influence the writing skills of persons either positively or negatively. Individuals at different levels in the society currently use social media for communication purposes. The use of social media platforms is however common…

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