Effects Of Social Anxiety Disorder And Depression Association Of America

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Effects of Social Anxiety Disorder
According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, about fifteen million American adults have social anxiety disorder. Everyone knows what it feels like to feel anxious before going to an interview, or giving a presentation. Before the interview or presentation, people with normal amounts of anxiety may show signs of it by tapping their foot, twirling their hair, or biting their nails. People with social anxiety experience these types of everyday social occurrences different than “normal” people. Sometimes they actually feel sick from fear, and experience physical symptoms like dizziness, trembling, heart pounding, nausea, and shortness of breath, even though the situation seems harmless. Being watched and judged negatively by others, and feeling humiliated and embarrassed are some of their biggest fears, and can disrupt their daily lives. They realize that their fear is usually excessive and unreasonable, and even with a support system of family and close friends, they feel helpless and unable to conquer it. For millions of people, having social anxiety disorder can cause them to experience low self-esteem, irrational fear of social situations, and social isolation.
People with low self-esteem and social anxiety often feel incapable of accomplishing their goals, and being successful. Kirstin O’Donovan, a Success and Personal Growth Coach, explains that self-esteem is important to success, because people cannot perform beyond…

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