A Short Summary: The African Slave Trade

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Slavery has been one of the biggest social inequality that has happen in the human kind. One of the most distinct and also never forgotten is the African slave trade. Africa had many cultures which made it geographically diverse. There was urban cultures and also village societies. Some africans were educated while most were farmers and herders, which were not aware of the outside world. Africa would later be disrupted by the global economic changes which included the human trafficking. Understanding the justifications of slavery can he hard but through the understanding of the economic, religious and historical theories of why it had to be done, it can give us another point of view. Slavery has been around for years and also many world societies practice slavery. Slaves often were prisoners from war or captives of raids that were forced to serve their captors. The African slavery began within their own people it wasn 't based on color because there owners were the same as them . They weren 't also kept as slaves all of there live it was all temporary. The trans-Sahara trade is what open the doors to change in the slavery world, not only was there an exchange of copper, gold,and salt but also slaves. In Islamic lands these slaves were taken to serve as domestic servitude which served the wealthy. Slavery had already …show more content…
Slavery and the slave trade brought a considerable benefit to Europe. This included economic, which planters believed the work had to be done and make the profit to keep the economy going. The slave labor helped exploit the abundant resources of europe bring in a lot of wealth and power. This wealth helped support the Europeans industrial revolution which helped europe blast into world domination. This economical rise helped the people to enjoy more pleasures and comforts. If there was a sudden end to the slave trade european economy would have

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