European Influence On African Trade

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The early modern era was a time when trade ruled over many nations. Nations such Africa, Europe, Islamic empire, Asia, and America are all linked to trade. Trade was big during this time because it allowed countries to expand and gain more power. Land was a key essential to trade because it brought new natural resources and opened up trade routes. Africa slave trade worked as a middle man for Europe and Americas profits. Europeans people tried to gain control over Africa but gaining control in their land. Africa was well known being involved in slave trade. Agriculture was strong for African society as its people depended on it for their survival. Africa was a place with two major region. The Eastern region of Africa was wealthier and it people were self …show more content…
Europeans could then sell slaves and make profit or keep them to help increase manufacturing. Europe was a multi-trade style country well groomed in the field of trade. Europe played a major role in the slave trade happening in Africa. Europe was well known for two types of trade. The first style of trade was known as direct trade in which Europe sent goods such as wheat in exchange for goods such as cotton, tobacco, or coffee. The second type of trade was triangular trade also known as "Circuit trade". This type of trade is where French ships sailed loaded with goods to Africa. Upon their arrival they then traded these goods in exchange for slaves. The slaves were then taken back to Europe where they were either exchange with New World colonies for sugar or silver. Slaves were worth a big fortune during the slave trade era. Slaves were worth double the value of sugar which was big during this time. Direct slave traders and circuit traders began to build a partnership between these two groups. Circuit traders made few trips to Africa because of how valued slaves were. A few slaves would produce a lot of sugar in return. Often enough it was too much sugar for just one

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