Effects Of Shark On The Shark Essay

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In 20 century and 21 century,people want to high quality life,so they begin kill the animals to make their "dream" come true.For example,they hunt the fox,marten, even tiger,and then stripped their skin when they are still alive.Just because an elegant lady want a beautiful and warm coat. So do the shark,for the delicious and nourishing shark fin soup,people go to fishing the shark,then they cut off their finning.more cruel is when they cut off shark finning,they throw the shark back to sea for more space to save shark fin.The practice of shark finning kills 26 to 73 million sharks each year for their fins(Griffin, E., Miller, K.L., Freitas, B. and Hirshfield, M 2008 ),however because they throw away the rest of shark 's body,a lot of died shark doesn 't account. Shark fin is one of the most important part of the shark,shark can use their fins to swim fast.If their fins be cut off,the shark often alive,but they lose this fins,they can 't swim,they can 't get food,finally,they died. 14% of the total weight of a shark but bring in on the international market substantially more than shark meat. (The Extinction of Sharks,shark foundation) The fins are used exclusively for shark fish fin soup,for human 's greed. If fisherman cut shark fin and throw away the rest of the shark 's body.The shark wouldn 't die soon,but can 't use their fins to swim and bleeding profusely, or they die of blood less.

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