Effects Of Retention Rates On College Students Essay

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Chapter One


Retention rates have long been analyzed but continue to fall. There is a growing concern regarding the first-year retention rates of college students. In order to combat this there is a need to examine what is involved in retaining students to an institution.
This study takes a look at the components to retain minority students in higher education by analyzing student satisfaction in five componets that effect student retention; college preparedness, campus climate, commitment to educational goals, social integration and advisement.

Statement of the Problem:

Retention rates in higher education continue to be a growing concern. It is one of the most studied aspects for the dynamics of enrollment of students in higher education (Kalsbeek D. &., 2010). It has been a persistent problem for the past 100 years (Swail, 2004). Institutions are making a major push towards education with programs such as drive to 55 and the Tennessee Promise Act. There is a need for students to complete their degrees now that funding is based on performance instead of enrollment. Student retention rates is now just as important as recruitment of students if not more so.
According to data, forty-six percent of first-time students leave by the end of their first year never to return to finish their education (Swail, 2004). With students leaving in the first year it is difficult to get them to graduation. Data suggest that continuous, full-time enrollment with an…

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