Minimum Wage Should Not Be Raised

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Can fifteen dollars an hour really help you for the long term? Raising minimum wage is the governments way of not having people apply for welfare. There are so my factors to raising minimum wage and seemingly the government is trying to cover those factors but as the years go on not all “acts” will stick and follow through. Minimum wage is not a career income and if the acts do last, fifteen dollars gives off the idea of not having an education all right to go by to the teenagers and young adults and that living off minimum wage is satisfactory. Businesses are forces to abide by these laws without any guarantee of business stability. Consumer goods will rise making cost of living higher also. Minimum wage has been around since 1938 and has since rose dramatically over the last eight decades ( Minimum wage should not be raised to fifteen dollars an hour because the youth would have more trouble finding jobs, small businesses that …show more content…
Consumer goods go up every year, making cost of living go up every year also. This does not help with moderate income families and are only aimed at families who have low income. Since goods go up every year, and if minimum wage reaches fifteen dollars an hour, people who are paid above minimum wage already, will also fight to have their pay increased also to meet costs of living. As some people fight for fifteen dollars an hour, this bill may not necessarily be the best for the economy. Even if the economy stays the same as it is now, does not necessarily mean that people will stop applying for welfare. Raising minimum wage will cause more inflation in the United States and will be more of a problem for business owners and people of the middle class. Jobs are still hard to come by for some and if businesses have to pay employees fifteen dollars an hour can actually result in job shortages. Making it harder for even people older than twenty-five to get a

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