Effects Of Prenatal Exposure On Development And Health Essay

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Prenatal exposure to alcohol has a profound effect on development and health. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is an umbrella term referring to the various effects and conditions caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol. Lasting effects may include learning and growth deficits, central nervous system dysfunction, behavioral dysregulation, and sensory integration dysfunction. Early developmental trauma, such as prenatal alcohol exposure, has a persistent effect on a child’s development and can lead to delays in social, behavioral, and neuropsychological development. By recognizing early developmental trauma, parents and caregivers may provide the best support to their child. Since early alcohol exposure can express itself in various different forms, treatment may vary from child to child. This text will explore the various implications of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the resources available to families impacted by prenatal alcohol exposure.

Keywords: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, complex developmental trauma, developmental delays, sensory processing disorder, early intervention,

Complex Trauma and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Case Study The Wilson family is a family of seven living in Birmingham, Alabama. Parents Mark and Amy are loving, encouraging parents who are very active within the church. Mark and Amy are parents to three biological children and have recently adopted Haley (age three), the daughter of Mark and Amy’s niece, who was taken from her mother by Child Protective…

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