Effects Of Pollution On People And The Environment Essay

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[Hook] Pollution can occurs in many forms, all of which have harmful effects on people and the environment. Most commonplace actions we do in our daily life either enhances or creates pollution. Since pollution is the intermixing of toxins into the environment, it is obviously harmful to people as well since we depend on the environment to survive and continue or daily lives. Out of the many different types of pollution, the main types are water, land, and air. These mainly affect both people and the environment; however there are types that solely affect humans. No matter the type the result will mostly be devastating for more than just the original (contaminated object). [Transition sentence] [Transition sentence] Pollution can result from two sources: point sources and non-point sources. Point source pollution is pollution that arises from a single origin, such as a pipe or factory. Since point source pollution only results from one, it is easier to combat and stop. Non-point source pollution comes from many different places. Precipitation and runoff are the main reasons for this because the water takes harmful [things] from their places and brings them to whatever body of water is around. Point and non-point source pollution can be identified for most kinds of pollution; however it is mainly applied to water pollution. [Transition sentence] Water pollution is contaminants entering a body of water and unbalancing marine life and other life depending on that body of…

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