Plastic Surgery Affecting Teenagers Essay

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How does plastic surgery currently affects teenagers? Plastic surgery is a branch of surgery concerned with the repair, restoration, or improvement of lost, injured, defective, or misshapen parts of the body chiefly by transfer of tissue (Merriam Webster). Teenagers in general when they start to consider plastic surgery they have different motives than adults. They perform this surgery to improve their physical appearance because they feel unsatisfied with themselves. So, teens undergo plastic surgery to feel that they fit in with peers, to stop feeling different. Meanwhile adults, they tend to realize plastic surgery to stand out among others. Some common physical concerns a teenager may want to correct or change includes a misshaped nose, protuberant ears, …show more content…
But also, they can feel rejected by the rest because their peers can notice they have had a surgery to correct their flaws, and call them fake or even worse. And the greatest consequence is that it can affect their health because of the many risks it has. Some of the risks are: hematoma, infection, nerve damage, seroma, and even death. Since plastic surgery is clearly affecting teenagers emotionally, socially, and in health, it shouldn’t be allowed for teenagers? There are many reasons why plastic surgery shouldn’t be allowed for teenagers younger than 18 years old. All of the different kinds of plastic surgeries come with some type of risk, doesn’t matter how simple the procedure seems. And most of the time when a young person wants to perform a procedure they are not for health reasons. Instead, their reasons are based on other opinions by believing that it will make others to like them, making them to feel better about themselves, due to their low self-esteem. But not every teen looking for plastic surgery is ready for an operation. They have to demonstrate emotional maturity and an understanding about the limitations of plastic surgery. But

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