Effects Of Overpopulation

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The world is small, compact, and overpopulated to the point of great destruction. As the birth rate increases, earth’s resources will continue to dwindle. The term “overpopulation” is described as a situation where the mass population has diminished resources and caused environmental issues. This results in the earth being unable to maintain the fundamental pieces for human survival. Also major problems start to develop within countries. The world starts to experience poverty, global warming and a crumbling fuel supply. This paper will review how overpopulation causes numerous problems within the world.
Overpopulation and Fuel Shortages
Rapid population growth has drained a number of natural resources. One of the largest consumed geological
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Society continues to pollute the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. This results in greenhouse gases that cripple the ozone layer, which protects us from radiation. The world is then faced with numerous complications to food, water and fuel supplies. Farming is the main component of surviving on earth. When crops become threatened, any prospects of sufficient harvesting are lost. Global warming causes climate change and reduces the rainfall percentage. Futhermore crops are then destroyed because of the water shortage. Countries are then unable to feed their people and famine occurs. According to D. Pimentel (1991), “Projected global warming is expected to increase temperatures generally and reduce rainfall.” He continues “The adverse effects of climate change on agriculture can be countered to some extent through soil and water conservation” (Para 1). He explains that the primary issue is people causing global warming. Farmers are struggling to provide society with food because of the harsh climate. Overpopulation is causing poverty and starvation because the world can not provide enough resources for everyone. Also, Pimentel (1991) stated, “Rapid population growth is increasing pressures on global resources” (Para 1). Overpopulation is causing an unbalanced society. The earth cannot sustain the materials needed for such a dense …show more content…
Third world countries are a great example of the extreme effects of mass population. These areas are normally poverty-stricken and helpless. Shanty towns are provoked by overpopulation within a select region. These cities accommodate millions of people who are compacted into a few miles. The lack of housing is an increasing problem as birth rates increase. The world does not have enough territory to accommodate every person on earth. Also, living in close quarters with others generates health risks. Clean and sufficient sewage faculties become hard to maintain because of the amount of waste the city produces. According to The Wall Street Journal (2008), “It is overpopulation, here and now, that has produced the unsolvable shortages of land, water, food, and the ecological balance we need in order to sustain life” (Para 1). This article explains that the world’s population has grown to an unhealthy number. People are lacking the necessary resources to live a good and profitable life. Society needs to address overpopulation and the consequences.
Overpopulation sparks fear in people. It is the future generation that will suffer as a result of societies bad decisions. Will the earth have enough resources to uphold the natural balance of life? The world needs to address the primary problem and fix what we can. The results of overpopulation have been catastrophic to agriculture, economics and mankind. People need

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