Effects Of Motown

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The founding of Motown was a very big impact in many branches of our culture. Branch being music, The music being birthed out of Motown was very unique and music produced by black majority and meant to reach the white wealthy community. The other effect it had on our culture was the civil rights examples they gave others in the black community. They way Motown impacted motown in a big way is that people walked in played their unique music and walked out musicians and money makers. This task did not come easy for Gordy however, it was very hard for white people to get into the music these “ blacks” were playing.
The way motown impacted the music industry was revolutionary. this music label took African American music and made it possible for them to reach out to the white culture. originally if music was produced by African-Americans it was called R&B but that changed when Gordy decided he could change the way African-Americans looked and sounded to reach out to the white culture. To the ear when you heard this Motown music, you would think of a white big band playing instead of when you want to see these bands in concert you would not expect to see if you have can Americans and a big African American band be the ones producing the sound.
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Now was it all for the money? No. But with his vision and the way here evolutionized African American music money was a very big part in all of this. it was told that “people would walk in step up to a microphone and sing what they could sing in walk out a musician” Berry Gordy put it. Another reason Berry Gordy started the label was to give the African Americans of voice in the white community. but the Hoops he had to jump through in the things he made his artists do we're not the same as any other artists had been doing previous two other African American

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