The Black Panther Party: The Ten Point Movement

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The Black Panthers Party Rise and Local Influence

It was the 1960’s in America and racial segregation was unbearable. Black people were being terrorize, brutalize and murder by the police in their communities. There were high depression levels of unemployment in the Black community, people of color lived in poverty where 40% of men that lived in the ghetto were paid less than 60 dollars per week. Making it impossible to support their families or bring up their children in dignity. Health care was expensive and people of color had less job opportunities and those who did not have a job could not afford health care. Lastly, education for people of color was not encouraged the government wanted to maintain Black people ignorant to have them under social control. Black people not only had to fight for racial equality but had to struggle with these issues every day in their communities. Everyone began to realize that this was not the way things were supposed to be. Radical change was about to take place. An organization was emerging and it was
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In March 1972 the vision of freedom manifested itself as the “platform” known as “The Ten-Point Program.” This program is a call to action to change the lack of opportunities the Black people are deprived of such as jobs, education, health care and equality which are powerful tools needed to succeed in life. The Black Panther Party fought by bringing the political, economic, and social justice and power back to the people of color. This platform and program created represents a similar ideology to those of powerful and influential political women activist that have helped change the world. bell hooks a social activist, feminist and author and Angela Davis who was a political activist, scholar, and author. It also portrays issues faced in our own communities today related to

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