Effects Of Misuse Of Drugs


Misuse of any drug can be defined as when an individual take amount of drug more than as described in the prescription . On the other hand , misuse of illegal drugs can also take place by taking drug which is not recommended by either doctor or any other health care professional
. both misuse of prescribed drugs and illegal drugs have adverse effects on the people lifestyle, relationships and in addition to this a great impact on their health. the spread of misuse of prescribed and illegal drugs had became a concerning
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Students were asked the reason of using those psychoactive drugs. They reported that to decrease the burden and stress of academic life , they take those drugs. It was also conclude that womens take those prescribed drugs in greater quantity due to big influence of peer group pressure . It was also conclude that illegal use of stimulants was a mandatory issue. The adverse effects include cardiovascular manifestations for example myocardial infarction, arrhythmias and psychiatric conditions for example psychosis , paranoia and the last one are the neurologic findings foe example headache , stroke and seizures. Also it was conclude that from some of the research studies that excessive usage of illegal drugs which includes heroin and methadone , associates with neuropsychological malfunction and impairment in cognitive …show more content…
The over usage of prescribed drugs depends on the older age , female gender, poor or rich status and in addition to this regular intake of alcohol . Moreover , education and the status of marriage and employment are associated with the over utilisation of legal drugs . Because of the improper balance in the personal life , individual starts taking more than required quantity of drugs prescribed by doctor . For example , teenagers are more likely to take the cough and cold medications without any medical reason. This can lead to injury or fatality and in some cases lead to serious illness . It was shown in one of the study which was based on the relationships between the adverse childhood experiences and usage of non- prescribed drugs. It was revealed from the study that the teenagers who had worst happenings in their childhood are more likely to use the illegal drugs because of the influence of those experiences whereas on the other hand the teenagers who have less worst happenings in their childhood are less likely to have the usage of

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