Effects Of Mismatching

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This is an opinion article addressing college staff members who are in charge of admissions who don’t have an opinion on mismatching or who agree with some arguments that mismatching makes, to be published in Inside Higher Education. Inside higher education reaches individuals, institutions, corporations, nonprofits and other individuals involved in the post-secondary education ecosystem who voice their opinion on current issues.
The Failure to Acknowledge the Supposed Effects of Mismatching
If institutions of higher education are to keep open minded campuses, they will have to advocate for the success Affirmative Action(AA) has had. Diversifying schools and its success in giving minorities the opportunity at receiving a quality education are
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Over the next several paragraphs I will explain the presence of mismatching in the world and how it is used to combat AA. Also explained will be the shape discrimination has taken in the US due to historical events and how AA can and has served to alter history by changing the notions of our society. Furthermore, success and failure in institutions of higher education due to AA will be touched upon. Myths about how AA beneficiaries get benefits other than those of admissions preference and how AA is needed in order to provide for minorities in the …show more content…
The notion of racial discrimination has left people unable to move past the way it is currently represented in society. Such discrimination originates from “the way we interpret history, associating racial discrimination with practices that now appear self-evidently evil: forcing blacks from their homeland, enslaving blacks, lynching blacks for actions that among whites would not be criminal, intimidating blacks who sought to exercise their rights - in sum, systematically disadvantaging a people in almost every way that mattered because of the color of their skin” (Lempert pg.89). AA is a valuable resource that institutions of higher education have in order to dispel stereotypes and preconceived notions of success and failure due to race. With AA the majority and minority are able to interact in classes and come to the realization that “students of all races could excel in math, and students of all races could be bad at math” (Felton par.20), failure and success are not assigned to an individual group of people. AA is still a very much needed program no matter what people say, at least until our nation as a whole becomes more colorblind in its actions. Lempert claims, “we do not think the discrimination involved creates an intolerably evil world” (Lempert pg.88), yet such discrimination against AA threatens the progress of our

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