Media Effect On Body Image

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Media’s effect on Body Image
Doesn’t everyone want to have a body like Jennifer Lopez, Mila Kunis or Emma Watson? These are attractions in today’s media, which have an impact on how we look at our body and view ourself. The topic I have chosen is about the effect of media on our body image. I have chosen this topic because it is very important to analyze the impact of media in our daily lives and whether that impact is positive or negative. With respect to research, media negatively impacts the way we view our body; it makes us self conscious about our beauty. Beauty is the value word which would be used in this essay. Beauty means the quality of being attractive or the qualities that are in a person or a thin, which gives pleasure to the senses
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When young people see such fit and flawless bodies on the television or in the magazines, they want to be the same way, which is not necessarily a bad thing. This is because such images make young people want to take care of their body, and make themselves look young and glamorous. If a young girl does want to be skinny and have beautiful shiny hair, then this doesn 't mean that her diet would be unhealthy and she would turn out to be a bulimic. This could also mean that she would take care of herself, by taking the necessary vitamins and not eating unhealthy food (Hix). Young girls may also choose to take up healthy activities like exercising, going for a walk or learning how to swim, so that they can stay in shape. The body images that are shown in the media, may actually motivate young girls and young boys to think about what they eat and their lifestyle. Moreover, the celebrities that are featured in magazines, give health tips to young girls, by telling them how they can too become beautiful and stay in shape. These tips are also helpful for young girls, as celebrities also include the fact that none of them became skinny just by giving up food. They mention other ways like eating healthier and making exercise, like Yoga, a must part of their …show more content…
It has a very strong influence on the way through which we look at ourselves and the way others look at us. Our perception of beauty is defined by the models and characters that we see on the television. We see flawless models, with their perfect skin and their skinny bodies, and we judge every other person on the basis of those qualities. The adverse effects of media 's image of body shape is the fact that, some young girls and boys take that perception too far. They want to be like the models they see, which is why girls start skipping their meals, so that they can fit in short and skinny dresses. They often become so obsessed with their weight, that they become bulimic. As for boys, when they see muscular bodies on television, where men have no problem going shirtless because of how their body looks, they too become obsessed to get that kind of body, even if it means using unnatural means. However, these body images does motivate them to look after themselves better and take care of their diet. These skinny celebrities, who are beautiful, are not always a bad influence. They make the younger generation realize that they have to take care of their health and should focus on the way they look. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the ways through which they achieve their objective, needs to be

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