Effects Of Masculinity

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Masculinity is the set of attributes and qualities that are generally associated with men, it is a socially constructed term that has been created upon societies idea towards what a man should be and do. General characterisations of masculinity tend to be handsome, strong, powerful, brave and macho, which is problematic as not every man posses or pursues these qualities which leads to a crisis in masculinity. There are many issues with this subject, such as the problem of men losing their roles in society today and then becoming more and more under pressure within themselves to pursue roles and features that are described under the “Masculine” label. Furthermore there are many changes due to to this crisis within masculinity such as the introduction of the ‘New Man” today which is a positive shift for both genders but there are also many unpleasant and alarming consequences to this crisis such as the …show more content…
Therefore when men fail to be the main breadwinner or any quality of ‘masculinity’, they believe that their “manhood/masculinity” is taken away so they find the answer in committing suicide, rather than being a failure or burden to the family. Male suicides have been rising higher and higher than before, as ‘6,233 suicides were registered in the UK in 2013 where 4858 were male, so 8/10 suicides were committed men’ which was the highest number in the last 15 years. It is seen that men themselves put pressure on themselves to fulfil this term of ‘masculinity and being masculine’ as if it is a badge or a competition to win of who is ‘a real man’, this is shown through statistics that 89% of men when asked, answered that the pressure of being the main breadwinner came within

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