Locking In Jails

Locking Up for The Good of Society Mental health disabilities are one of mankind’s greatest weaknesses. There is much debate on whether or not mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, paranoia, and depression even truly exist or people make up false symptoms to gain attention or get prescription medications. With a lack of mental institutions for people to get help, the illness can cause outbursts of negative behavior which can lead to criminal acts. Jail time can only help those who are mentally ill for so long, because sentences can be a short amount of time or be released due to crowding in the system. The best solution to contain criminals with mental health diseases is to keep them in jail where help is available. Criminals with a history of mental health problems should be kept in jail for the safety of the community. In an article written by Sarah Glazer, she denotes that “some experts say psychiatric treatment alone won 't prevent criminal behavior,” (241) meaning that other means of helping felons with mental illness are necessary. If a mentally ill person with previous criminal history is permanently locked away, then no …show more content…
Since prisons have funds to take care of the inmates, mentally ill inmates are sure to be treated. Other opponents of keeping mentally ill in prison state that solitary confinement is a “punishment” and prison officials “use excessive force and repeatedly spray pepper gas, have prisoners confined to small spaces or in physical restraints for long periods of time” (Reiter and Blair 189). Although some of these treatments may see excessive, if a prisoner is a serious threat to themselves or others than this force is probably necessary in moving them to a safer

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