Effects Of Industrial Revolution During 19th Century Essay

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Effects of Industrial Revolution in 19th Century
When we think about Industrial Revolution, we think only the negative effects and of course we “people” that we think about only bad thing happen, but we forget about the positive side of industrial Revolution. This revolution-affected lot of people, like some people are benefitted and lots of people are suffered. “It was a town of red brick, or of brick that would have been red if the smoke and ashes had allowed it; but as a town of unnatural red and black like painted face of a savage.”(28). This quote describe that how the town was affected form the factories. Just like how it was affected nature and causes so much damage to the world that we still suffering from it.
People move to the cities because they were so attracted to the jobs in factories and industries in the urban areas. People had worst and terrible living conditions and working conditions in industrial Revolution. Many people got sick because they living in one room like five to nine people in one room. If one man got sick and rest of them got sick as well. They don’t have medical care and it’s not that much developed at that moment, diseases spread very rapidly because lack of medicine, a lot of people died because of diseases outbreak and they can’t even control it. Because of the rapid growth of population, people have so much competition between each other they had to fight for jobs.
Not so many people were benefited with industrial revolution but they…

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