Effects Of Human Development In Pakistan

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Population and development problem in Pakistan

The continuing growing population of Pakistan is impacting its citizen in different ways. One for the major issues that they are currently facing is food insecurity. According to a nutrition survey conducted in Pakistan approximately 60 percent of the country’s population majority of them women and children were found to be malnourished. This significant number is impacting Pakistan’s development and stability, yet little attention has been devoted to resolve the hunger problem due to the fact that the great attention factor is the war and its violent environment. Malnutrition is one of the biggest problems causing human development in Pakistan and is responsible of low weight for age, premature
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Pakistan it says to be a democratic country; however in Pakistan is complex because of the country’s diverse and large population. The mix between politics and strong religious belief had cause several changes on its constitution making their main religion more extreme not allowing freedom of religion and causing violent confrontations in the past between religious groups
Furthermore, growing up seen my mother being a victim of domestic violence really affected me as a teenager and I found domestic violence in Pakistan one of the most disturbing endemic social problems that truly impact me, in Pakistan is domestic violence. According by the national agency of human rights in most recent studies, it is estimate that seventy to ninety percent of women and girls in Pakistan have suffered some form of abuse and approximately 5000 women are killed per year from domestic violence with thousands of others deadly injure or
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These problems and many other more such as; energy crisis, economical crisis, terrorism, overpopulation, inflation and unemployment have exist in Pakistan right from its independence more than 60 years ago. Very little have been done to improve the Pakistanis quality of life.
I am positively sure that we all question how can this country that has suffered from political volatility and instability for such a long period achieve high economy growth? Well that is a very complex question with a very complicated answer which many experts in politics and sociologist still wondering about the future of Pakistan and had come to the conclusion that Pakistan would not experience any major transformation in the next five to ten years and there is no point to even go beyond that time frame.
If we pay close attention to how the Pakistan state is rapidly declining we would also become more pessimists about the future of Pakistan. The deadly combination of widespread violence among citizens, the terror they influence to the rest of the world, archaic form of government, the little respect they have towards humanity among many others morally despicable behavior just give us to believe that Pakistan’s future is only looking

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