Effects Of Fast Food

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Fast Food: Is it worth it? Fast food is the most convenient food for Americans to have access to. When driving down the highway, a driver always has the option of numerous fast food chains at a lot of different exits. Fast food chains are not only convenient, but they are also cheap. Although the temptation of fast food is prominent, people need to check into what is going on at these restaurants. Reasons to avoid fast food restaurants include false advertisement of food, effects on the human body, and the money saved. The first reason to avoid fast food restaurants is the false advertisement of the food being sold. At fast food restaurants, what the consumer sees is not always what the consumer gets. For example, McDonald’s beef and chicken is actually a ‘pink slime’ scrap meat. The meat at McDonald’s is covered by an …show more content…
Consumers realize that the burger they are chomping down is unhealthy, but they do not realize the effect that comes from that meal. For instance, the Obesity Action Coalition says that fast food chains have doubled since 1970. Consequently, the number of obese Americans has doubled as well. The Latino and African American communities has shown that 75% of their residents over the age of 20 are obese. In addition, obesity related medical costs were estimated to be a whopping $147 billion. The increase of fast food chains has directly affected the American way of life. I say this because fast food does not only cause obesity, but it has also been found that it can lead to depression and memory and learning. According to Public Health Nutrition, 51 percent of citizens that eat fast food are more likely to become depressed compared to those who choose to eat less or no fast food at all (Pietrangelo). Fast food restaurants have impacted the citizen’s body in a negative way and will continue to if the people do not take a

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