Effects Of Family Violence In The Military

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Family Violence in the Military Violence in families are not limited to just civilians but the military are affected as well. This type of violence may include family violence, child abuse, spousal abuse or any other form of violence. Many civilians are afraid to seek help and that is the same for military spouses. Most military spouses are afraid of their mates or do not want to lose the benefits of the military, so they don’t seek help. It can be said that there are little differences in how a spouse reports abuse or how children are affected by abuse, as a civilian or military. The Army is cracking down on violence in the military which includes domestic violence and sexual abuse. Although violence in the military among …show more content…
Pre-deployment affects families just as much as the deployment itself. Stressors for the family while their family member is on deployment are affected by the demands of the family, illnesses, marital issues and other problems (Fraser, 2011). The article also addresses and investigates 57 families but they only sampled families who mainly deployed only once. The age of the children were also a factor because if they only test children under the age of 3, they have little knowledge of their parents. I would say that older children are affected much more because they would be used to a routine with their parents, have conversations with their parents and have expectations of their parents. Smaller children are only being nurtured in my opinion.
Domestic violence in military families
This article expresses concerns that people have about the violence that families face in the military. It can also be determined that there are similarities in those who abuse others. It also asks the question about why someone would want to intentionally harm another. Is it the show of power, control or envy? Or is it just disrespect? The article really does not offer any suggestions to what the answers are but I would say that it is a combination of all of the above for the abuser.

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