Essay On Fall Prevention

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Fall Prevention in Older Adult Patients A fall in the clinical setting is a multi-million-dollar preventable problem. A fall can lead to serious consequences to the patients, family, and the healthcare institution. A fall is an event which results in a person coming to rest inadvertently on the ground or floor or other lower level (WHO, 2012). I am a nurse that worked for one year and still considered myself as a novice nurse that is growing in my career. I have experienced falls in the hospital and nursing care level. The population in my hospital is in South Florida that are usually retired older adults. When working at night I experience this population having memory loss that is termed sun-downing. These patients tend to be unaware of their safety in the hospital. When these patients try to get out of bed they put a risk to themselves to get into a major injury. Preventing this before a fall happens can maybe save that patient’s life. Nurses are the leading health care providers that can make a difference in fall prevention for older adults. Nurses are the eyes and ears of what is happening to the patient. In a …show more content…
After the analysis if the falls have decreased the proposal has been proven successful and will be continue by the fall prevention committee. If the proposal was unsuccessful, an open forum will be conducted on ways to improve the proposal or to revert back to the original fall policy. A constant reevaluation every six months on the number of falls is needed and open discussion so the nurses can stay proactive in fall prevention which will impact the practice by staying more alert and communicating with patients on prevention. The community will feel their safety is taken more seriously with the extra steps needed to reduce falls and be able to put more trust into the

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