Effects Of Extracurricular Activities On School Activities Essay

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The Activities of Johnston Highschool
Eliminating extracurricular activities would have a disastrous effect on the life of teenagers in Johnston. In order to prepare us students for the future the schools must give us experience outside of the classroom that will teach us life lessons. Without extracurricular activities there would be many lessons that students would miss as a cause of this. In order for schools to best prepare students the administrative board must decide on a more balanced budget among the activities and they must see how the positive effects outweigh the negative effects in school activities.
Budgeting for a school is very difficult. The administrators in charge must decide what is required, what affects the most students, and of course, how it will affect the district. This must be a difficult feat because they so often get it wrong. In an interview with Mr. Patrick Kearney, he stated that overall Iowa schools, particularly Johnston, do a very good job of funding the arts while other states. In some states, like Texas, they neglect the arts programs at their schools while idolizing athletics. When asked about budgeting Kearney stated that schools often do what gets “the most bang for their buck.” This idea is smart economically, but it isn’t what is best for the majority of the students. This is the case at JHS, according to Mr. Gary Ross, he says that the budget for athletics is about $320,000 per year. Approximately $200,000 of that comes from the…

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