Having A Dog In The Room Essay

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I. Do you think it is possible that having a dog in the room can lower blood pressure, better than taking blood pressure medication?
II. Today I am going to talk to you and inform about the affects that dogs have on people.
III. Today I am going to inform you about the effect of dog and human interaction.
A. Animals take part in an important role in many people’s lives. Dogs in particular can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourages exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health. Would you believe that it is possible that simply by having the presence a dog in the room, your blood pressure would decrease tremendously, it is proven better than taking blood pressure medication. There have been many studies that show how dogs have
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According to Help Guide, “even hardened criminals in prison have shown long-term changes in their behavior after interacting with dogs, many of them experiencing mutual affection for the first time.” ii. Dogs also help children feel important, build relationships with other people, and studies have shown that dogs can calm hyperactive or overly aggressive children.
So now you have been informed on the emotional effect of dogs on humans. Next, I will tell you about the mental effects dogs have over humans.
III. Dogs have been in the presence of the mental health realm for years.
A. According to Frontiers in Psychology, Dogs have impacted a person’s trust, empathy, aggression, and mood.
i. Studies have shown that dogs have a large effect in anti-stress. ii. Children and adults with physical or mental health problems, simply encountering a dog can improve mood and behavior. iii. Studies have shown that people with schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders showed better intra-emotional balance after a single dog therapy session.
B. According to The Guardian, “A recent academic study found that pet owners had higher levels of self-esteem and conscientiousness that non pet

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